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Piktografika: Patrik Bobergs illustrerade värld

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Piktografika is the illustrated world of swedish illustrator and designer Patrik Boberg.

In the Piktografika world of illustration pencils, brushes, ink and paper co-exist in peace and harmony with scanners, computers and software. Here everything is a mix of the traditionally handmade and the cutting edge digital.
 Every illustration starts its life as a drawing on paper. It is then carefully scanned into the computer where it is lovingly coloured and enhanced. The best of both worlds.

The art of Piktografika can be delicious, funny, informative, decorative, joyous, unexpected, surreal, elegant and thought provoking,

The art of Piktografika have been used successfully for childrens books, editorial illustration, book covers, web sites, t-shirts, tote bags, postcards, beer labels, wedding invitations, birthday celebrations and artistic collaborations.

Do you want to discuss a project? Or just say hello?
Please get in touch via patrik(at) or on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and/or Flickr.

Everything is possible in the illustrated world!